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Game Room

In our beautiful villa, we transformed the garage into a special room dedicated to pleasure and relaxation (cars can be parked in the driveway). Now we have a game room where the young and the elders will find happiness in this nice place designed to make you have great moments with family or friends. With different options it has certain charm and will provide hours of entertainment for all the persons in your group during you stay.

Game room_edited.jpg

Ping pong Table 

It is very nice during the rainy days or when having a slowdown time enjoy a Ping pong game with the children. That is fun and quality family time.

Foosball Table

Soccer fans can get a lot of entertainment with this table version of the game. This game is very popular with the guest who stay in our Villa.


There are four bicycles in the house that our guests can use. It is nice to ride around the neighborhoods tracks and bordering the golf course. 

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